Hope Corner was founded and established in the beginning of 2018 when

Pr Ayesha Snyman received a Word from the Lord one night. The word she received was: “Don’t forget the forgotten”.
Since then, we have helped those on the streets to find shelter,
to be freed from their addictions and to give them a second chance in life.

Since starting Hope Corner, we’ve helped over a 100 people facing various addictions, from Heroine, CAT, Cocaine, Marijuana, alcohol, Meth, Rocks and more. Hope Corner is a Christian based, Non-Profitable Organization,

which operates solely on donations.

- To get the community involved in assisting with helping those in need  
  so that they can once again return to society and live their lives.
- To create a safe haven for those who have no help and support,
  and to train & teach those assisted, to make something of their lives.
- To Spiritually strengthen and restore their self-esteem with the help
  of God’s Word.

To assist people who struggle with addictions. Hope Corner endeavors to teach addicts a set of life coping skills so that they don’t fall back into old habits.

We offer them a haven, providing basic food and toiletries. Our program lasts between 12 months and 24 months, depending on the person’s well-being.

Most drug addicts want to get clean, they just don’t have the
opportunity to help themselves. Hope Corner wants to give them the opportunity to find God, find out who they are, and provide a safe and secure haven in which to do so. We believe that, with the support of our structure and program, they will be able to break the addiction and find help to a new life.

Everyone currently in Hope Corner, is testing clean from all drugs.
Almost all of our 2019 group tested clean for more than a year, and are currently working on a full-time basis. As part of our program they are tested on a weekly basis, which also costs a lot – any help would really be appreciated in obtaining tests and medication.

We would humbly receive any donations, assistance or support to make a bigger difference in our community. Clothing is always
welcome, especially as most of these people come from the
streets and do not own clothing.

Our hope for the future is to acquire the necessary donations to build more homes and therefore help more people. We believe that if we can work together as a community, we will not just be able to counter our drug abuse problem in Middelburg, but also save the lives of many innocent individuals and children.

At this moment, Hope Corner is almost at full capacity. We are currently housing our women & children in the original home, and our men separately in a second home in Totius Street. We are currently renting the new house for R10 000p/m, with the aim of finally purchasing the house for the amount of R1.4 million.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


- Groceries
- Beds, Bedding (children and adults)
- Bathroom mats
- Curtains
- Cutlery, Crockery
- Big Pots
- Clothing (men, women and children)
- Monetary (utilities, children’s needs. Etc.)
- Bibles
- Medication
- Toiletries
- Occupational Therapist
- Furniture
- Anything that will make the houses look and feel more like a home

Any help, of any kind would be gratefully received.
For more info or queries, please feel free to contact our Cornerstone Church Middelburg Offices: +27 83 264 8454


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Hope Corner Trust

First National Bank

Branch code: 250 655

Acc No: 627 9762 8371

Ref: HC

If you are an international sponsor/partner please use our Swift Code and banking details on the 'Give' page, with the payment reference"Hope Corner" or "HC". Your donations are tax deductable within South Africa, under PBO 930064876  |  TAX No 0735581258.

(International sponsors may consult the tax laws of their country for tax exemptions/deductions in their state.)